About us

Effortless Comfort & Style for On-the-Go Parents and Children

MY KAI, an acronym for My Kin and I, was established in 2018 by recently turned stay-at-home dad who had the novel idea that fashion can be kid friendly and, more importantly, can complement one's family values and legacy. While dress shirts, slacks and skirt suits will always have a place in this world, they don't hold up well during playtime, are too uncomfortable for floor time and don't always make sense at dinnertime. MY KAI clothing, on the other hand, offers effortless style, comfort, durability and flexibility, making it the perfect brand for active families who spend a lot of time on the move whether it be the park, library, play dates, and school functions. 

Sustainable Values Pave the Way for a Sustainable Future

Billions of shirts are manufactured each year from fibers such as synthetic materials and industrial cotton, the latter of which is grown in regions with minimal regulations. Workers in these regions are directly exposed to chemicals that the U.S. long ago outlawed. These materials are shipped to underprivileged countries via cargo ships that use bunker fuel, and then left for underpaid workers to spin into clothing that will be sold for 10 to 100 times the cost of what it took to make.

MY KAI doesn't support any of the aforementioned unethical practices. Our goal is to be 100 percent sustainable by 2022. What this means is that we plan to make 100 percent of our clothing here in the U.S., where we can rest assured knowing that our garments weren't made at the cost of another person's dignity.

A Healthy Brand Any Parent Can Get On Board With

With an emphasis on family values, legacy, and a goal of complete sustainability, MY KAI is a brand that strives to set a good example for our children and our future. Whether you need weekend attire that allows you to go from the breakfast table to the zoo, to Grandma's house without breaking stride or weekday attire that is durable enough for the playground yet comfortable for story time, we encourage you to explore our collection and find the styles that suit your everyday needs.